The 5th Annual Mountain Recording Retreat is postponed until 2022, but this September, 2021 we are presenting a special one-off event:

The Song & Sound Retreat at Capon Springs

Check out the “Song & Sound” page for more details.

The Mountain Recording Retreat is intentionally not like anything else. It is far more than recording workshops. It is about community, music, and great sound. It is five days of learning, listening, and relaxing in a community made up of world-class mentors and fellow music makers.  Each year about 80-90% of the attendees sign up again for the following year.

We will have daily recording workshops, listening panels, easy access to mentors, DIY gear building workshops, and bingo where you can win prizes from the Capon shop.

If you are interested in songwriting, make sure to check out the Mountain Songwriting Retreat

Learn from World Class Mentors

Our mentors this year include Ronan Chris Murphy, John Rodd, Catharine Wood, Fett and Chris Kincaid. Check out our Mentors Page for more information on them.

Daily Schedule

Each day will feature workshops by various mentors and throughout the week there will be listening sessions where you can have your music evaluated by the mentors and other participants, but there is also time carved out to socialize, collaborate and enjoy the beautiful resort. Meals are served family style and all of our attendees and mentors share meals together.

Lectures and Listening Panels

We are still working on the schedule for 2020, but previous workshops have included: DIY Mastering, Mixing Workflow, Step by Step mixing workflow, Breathing Life into Virtual Instruments, Behind the Scenes of an Orchestral Session at Abbey Road, Intro to Synthesis, Vocal Production and more.

Several nights throughout the week, you’ll have a chance to have your work listened to and critiqued by your mentors and fellow attendees.


Build your own gear—no experience required!

The DIY Lounge has become a highlight of the retreat. We have guided builds for absolute beginners that have never used a soldering iron, and a chance to work on more advanced builds including EQ, microphones and this year synth component.  Many of our regular attendees have become accomplished builders. The DIY Lounge is a peer to peer support area but we will have regular support and some builds by Chris Kincaid from the Audio Builders Workshop.

Soldering kits will be available for those that do not bring their own.

*There will be extra materials fees for DIY projects, but we are getting special discounts from DIYRE and


Tim Alexander

Tim Alexander

The other day, I applied what I learned at the retreat to a song I had previously mixed. Listening back, it was night and day. It was stunning: the clarity, the punch, the total difference. Were the old mixes bad? Not at all. But the new ones were completely different. And better. Thank you Ronan, John, Brad, Mark, Peterson, and all of the other participants. I can hear your voices in my ears as I mix—this record is going to sound great, and it’s because of you. All of you.

Elisa Nicolas
Elisa Nicolas
I had never touched a soldering iron before the retreat. In the DIY workshop, Peterson led a small group of newbies on soldering best practices and made all of us comfortable with the soldering and build process. In those few workshops, I built, a SAFE Audio interface protector kit, a passive Reamplifier, and two fantastic 500 series CP-5 preamps.  Afterwards, I went completely crazy and built two 500 series opto compressors from DIY 1176. All of these came off without a hitch and were fantastic additions to my studio. None of this would have been possible without the good folks at the Recording Retreat.

What is it like at the Mountain Recording Retreat?