Learn to build recording gear at Mountain Recording Retreat. No experience needed

Build your own recording gear at Mountain Recording Retreat May 7-12. No experience necessary.

When I planned the first Mountain Recording Retreat, I had an idea to create some hands on DIY gear building workshops, so I asked Peterson Goodwyn if he would be willing to come by and teach people how to solder and build their own gear. I was not sure it would be that popular, but I felt it was an important thing to make available to our attendees. To my happy surprise it turned out to be one of the most popular parts of the retreat. People went crazy for it. People that had never used a soldering iron were building their own mic pre amps by the end of the week. Many of those people started building more DIY equipment after the retreat.

I am very happy to announce that Peterson has agreed to join us at this years retreat and we are even expanding the opportunities for students.

This year we will be offering several opportunities for DIY gear building throughout the week.

1) Intro do DIY / soldering. Peterson will explain DIY gear building concepts, teach you how to use a soldering iron and walk you though building your first piece of gear, a SAFE Audio Interface Protector Kit. No experience necessary.

2) Build your own 500 series passive EQ (completion of the intro class will give you enough knowledge to build this EQ)

3) Build your own ribbon microphone.

4) Free build time. If you would rather geek out with a soldering iron instead of playing golf or lounging in a hammock, Peterson will offer hands on mentoring and guidance while you build any item from the DIY-RE shop.

Please note, the Intro class is free with your Mountain Recording Retreat registration, but there are materials fees for the other workshops. See the workshops page for more details.


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