The Recording Retreat begins with dinner on Sunday, May 7th  and ends after lunch on Friday, May 12th, 2017.


Daily Recording, Mixing & DIY Workshops

Each day we will feature 3 1/2 hours of workshops/lectures, with topics ranging from mixing music for film and television to DIY mastering and more. Currently, confirmed instructors are record producer-engineer, Ronan Chris Murphy, Film, TV and Video Game music mixer, John Rodd, video game sound designer and mixer Mark Kilborn, producer/engineer Brad Smalling and engineer and DIY educator and advocate Peterson Goodwyn.  Click here for more detailed bio info about our instructors.

Hands-On DIY Electronics Workshops

re-ampaPeterson Goodwyn of DIY.RE will be presenting a series of DIY electronics workshops. We are tentatively looking at having the following workshops; we will provide the tools.

1) Everything you wanted to know about Electronics but were afraid to ask.

2) Introduction to soldering, building your own gear (you will actually build your own SAFE Audio Interface Protector Kit).  

3) Build your own Re-amplifier (there is an additional materials fee for this class).

4) Build your own 500 series Mic Pre (there is an additional materials fee for this class).

Pro Audio Bingo!

bingoYes! Bingo night where you will have not only a chance to win cherry jam or apple butter from the farm kitchens, but also some pro audio gear.

Listening Panels

Have a chance to get your work listened to and critiqued at one of our listening panels by experienced engineers.

One-On-One Mentoring

There will be several hours set aside throughout the week to book one-on-one sessions with the mentors. Space will be limited and people that register first will be given the first chance to book with the mentor of their choice.

Flex Time!

golfWe want to make sure you have time to enjoy life in the mountains.  We will have time set aside three of the days so you can play golf, go for a swim, play tennis, go fishing, go to the spa, take a hike, or do hands-on electronics.

*This is a tentative schedule. All aspects are subject to change.