Below is what was offered in 2017; similar courses will be offered in 2018 – stay tuned for updates!

Behind the Scenes of Video Game Audio.

call of duty_Some of the most amazing pioneering work in audio is happening in video games. This is a rare chance to get insight into how music and audio are handled in some of the worlds biggest video game franchises. Ronan Chris Murphy (Mafia III, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood) will host a panel discussion with audio director and sound designer Mark Kilborn (Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, Forza Motorsport) and music recording and mixing engineer John Rodd (World of Warcraft, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Mass Effect 3, Star Wars Kinect, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Avatar, Socom 3).

John and Mark will share some of the techniques and unique challenges in working with audio and music for video games. They will also be available for private mentoring sessions throughout the retreat.

Vocal Mixing Master Class
Ronan Chris Murphy will walk you though techniques to get vocals to to sound big and full in the context of a mix. Learn how to get professional sounding vocals in mixes that fit the genre you are working in. Ronan will show you techniques for fixing problems and creatively enhancing lead vocals.

Gain Staging & Signal Flow
electrodyne_501While seemingly mundane, understanding gain staging from sound source to final master is one of the core aspects of great engineering and can not only preserve the highest quality audio but open up creative tone shaping options. Ronan Chris Murphy will walk you through signal flow options and best gain staging practices to help you get the best out of our gear.

Working with Impulse Responses
Engineer Brad Smalling will explain working with IRs (Impulse Responses) and how you can use them as creative tools beyond standard reverb emulations.

Unlocking the Power of Synthesis

Mark Kilborn, who was been the sound designer on some of the biggest selling video games in the world presents this workshop that will help you better understand synthesis and how you can use it in a creative tool in sound design and music productions.

DIY Workshops

Peterson Goodwyn will be leading several DIY gear build workshops throughout the week. No experience necessary to participate. This was one of the most popular aspects of the first Mountain Recording Retreat. We are working out the details, but this year we are looking at building DIs, Passive EQ and maybe even a ribbon mic. There are materials fees for these workshops.

Hands-On DIY Electronics Workshops. No experience needed!

re-ampaPeterson Goodwyn of DIY.RE will be presenting a series of DIY electronics workshops. This was one of the most popular parts of our first Recording Retreat.

1) Introduction to soldering, building your own gear (you will actually build your own SAFE Audio Interface Protector Kit).  

2) Build your own 500 series Passive EQ (there is an additional materials fee for this class (199/$275 (depending on output section))

3) Build your own Ribbon Mic (there is an additional $249l materials fee for this class). Please let us know in advance if you would like to do this workshop so we can make sure we have enough materials.

More workshops being announced soon!

*Please note that course line up is subject to change.