About Capon Springs

4th holeSituated on over 4,700 acres of West Virginia wilderness, visiting Capon Springs and Farms is like stepping back in time. The “resort” is more like a classic camp retreat than a Sandals style party resort. There is no bar and nothing happens after 11pm. What it does have is a great relaxing atmosphere, great  food that is made-from-scratch with ingredients fresh from the farm, a picturesque golf course where even absolute beginners are welcome, hiking, swimming in the spring-fed pool and, of course, Capon Springs water which is said to have healing powers and first started attracting people there over a hundred years ago (including Edgar Allan Poe and U.S. President Franklin Pierce).

If you are a “Capon type” person, the place gets in your blood. Many families keep coming back for generation. Ronan Chris Murphy from Recording Boot Camp has come to Capon Springs over 30 times!

Get more info at the Capon Springs website.

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