Is this the same program as a 6-Day Recording Boot Camp?

No. The Mountain Recording Retreat is presented by the same company, but is a completely different experience. The 6-Day Recording Boot Camps are intense training programs taught primarily by Ronan Chris Murphy in Los Angeles and Europe. The Mountain Recording Retreat is its own thing. The educational content is presented by a large range of instructors/mentors. More importantly, the Mountain Recording Retreat is heavily focused on the social experience of spending time at a resort in the mountains with other lovers of music and recording. But there is still plenty of time to take advantage of the Capon Springs Resort. Some attendees from our first year said that the downtime talking about recording with the mentors and other attendees was a highlight of the week.

Will we be recording a full band at the Mountain Recording Retreat?

No, the resort does not have the facilities for full band recording. We focus more on mixing, workflow, individual element tracking and DIY electronics. Have a look around this site to get more details about what we are planning for 2017.

Can I save money and stay at a local hotel/camp site instead of the resort?

No, this is an immersive experience.

Were you serious about there being no bar at the resort?

Yep. When founder Lou Austin revived the resort, he wanted all aspects of the resort to be family friendly. You are welcome to BYOB, hang out and have drinks on your porch. Drinking is just not part of the communal areas.

What is the “Capon Spirit”?

OK, admittedly no one has asked this, but you should know it. The Capon spirit is something all regular guests of Capon Springs understand. It is an attitude about being laid back, unpretentious, maybe a little goofy, and enjoying good quality, simple things. It is a spirit that let’s a right winger and a left winger put all that aside for a week and get excited about a good game of shuffleboard.  It is a strange phenomenon that lets people get overly excited about winning a jar of apple butter at Bingo. There is an old saying among long time Capon guests that if you are thinking of marrying someone, you need to bring them to Capon to make sure they “get it” before you agree to tie the knot.

Capon is a place that runs on trust. They trust that you will be honest about how many rounds of golf you play, or what you take from the shop, and do not even put locks on most of the doors, including the guest rooms.

Can I play golf if I do not have clubs, golf shoes or really ugly pants?

Absolutely!  If you have never played golf, there will never be a better time to try. Recording Boot Camp is paying for your golf if you want to play the smaller par 3 course. Capon Springs has golf clubs you can borrow and any shoes are OK (I used to play there barefoot). All you need to buy is a couple of golf balls. The course is gorgeous and we will have it almost all to ourselves. So you can have fun learning without any stress.

Can I bring my husband, girlfriend, kids, etc..?

tenniscaponSure, we have a special price for non-participants that want to come along. They can enjoy the resort while you are there, but they cannot attend the workshops or win audio prizes at Bingo night, and they will need to pay full price for golf (which is still a very good deal). Please note that if you bring children they should be old enough to be unattended.