The Mountain Recording Retreat begins with orientation at 5pm on Sunday, August 23rd and ends after lunch on Thursday, August 28th, 2020. Each day breakfast is served from 8:30-9:30am, lunch is served from 1-2pm and dinner is served from 6-7pm. There will be workshops and events scheduled throughout the days and nights.

We are still working out the details and things are subject to change, but below are some of the workshops we are currently planning on presenting.

DIY Drum Machine Build: Chris Kincaid

Build your own Delptronics Analog Drum Machine with guidance from Chris. Midi controllable or self contained and programmable. ($150 materials fee)

Understanding Mid-Side processing: Ronan Chris Murphy

Mid-side processing can be difficult to wrap your head around, but super powerful when you are comfortable. Ronan will walk you through various M-S techniques that will exand both your problem solving and creating processing options in mixing and mastering.

DIY Mastering: Fett

  • The “Mastering Mindset” (i.e., what’s different about mastering vs. mixing+master bus processing, and learning to think like a mastering engineer)
  • The Mastering Process (or the 6 major steps/components of my MPST Mastering Framework)
  • Tips for effectively mastering your own music vs. someone else’s
  • Mastering Chains (the most common/typical chain elements, with some examples of each, i.e., analog warmers, EQ, compression, limiting, stereo widening, dithering, etc.)
  • Mastering with your DAW vs. a mastering program/mastering suite
  • The Power of Presets as a starting point (and learning aid)
  • A few hands-on, real-world examples using Steinberg’s WaveLab and iZotope’s Ozone

Demystifying multi-band compression and Dynamic EQ: Ronan Chris Murphy

Multi-band compression is power tool that can often get used incorrectly with less than ideal outcomes. Understanding the pros and cons of multi-band compression can open up a lot of creative and practical possibilities. While less common, Multi-band compression’s close cousin Dynamic EQ can often be a better tool for things people often use multi-band compression for. 

Mic Listening Lab: Matt McGlynn

Hear what different mics sound like up close:

  • Hear what different mics sound like up close:
  • ribbon vs dynamic vs condenser
  • fig8 ribbon vs cardioid ribbon
  • The U87 Ai, the most lusted-for and yet least interesting mic in history (IMNSHO)
  • singers can test-drive a handful of mics on their voice. We can record a live vocal demo and go through the process of critical listening to pick the best mic from among the available choices.

Intro to DIY Building: Chris Kindaid

This will be an opportunity for anyone just getting into DIY and soldering to successfully build something easy like our ABW low pass filter kit or maybe a simple battery powered synth kit. ($20 materials fee)

Production Workshop, Where to take that song: Ronan Chris Murphy

This workshops explores the process of finding direction in the production process that fits the music and the needs of the artists.