The information on this page refers to the Mountain Recording Retreat that is being rescheduled for 2022 and NOT the 2021 Song & Sound Retreat!

DIY Drum Machine Build: Chris Kincaid

Build your own Delptronics Analog Drum Machine with guidance from Chris. Midi controllable or self contained and programmable. ($150 materials fee)

Understanding Mid-Side processing: Ronan Chris Murphy

Mid-side processing can be difficult to wrap your head around, but super powerful when you are comfortable. Ronan will walk you through various M-S techniques that will exand both your problem solving and creating processing options in mixing and mastering.

DIY Mastering: Fett

  • The “Mastering Mindset” (i.e., what’s different about mastering vs. mixing+master bus processing, and learning to think like a mastering engineer)
  • The Mastering Process (or the 6 major steps/components of my MPST Mastering Framework)
  • Tips for effectively mastering your own music vs. someone else’s
  • Mastering Chains (the most common/typical chain elements, with some examples of each, i.e., analog warmers, EQ, compression, limiting, stereo widening, dithering, etc.)
  • Mastering with your DAW vs. a mastering program/mastering suite
  • The Power of Presets as a starting point (and learning aid)
  • A few hands-on, real-world examples using Steinberg’s WaveLab and iZotope’s Ozone

Demystifying multi-band compression and Dynamic EQ: Ronan Chris Murphy

Multi-band compression is power tool that can often get used incorrectly with less than ideal outcomes. Understanding the pros and cons of multi-band compression can open up a lot of creative and practical possibilities. While less common, Multi-band compression’s close cousin Dynamic EQ can often be a better tool for things people often use multi-band compression for. 

Mic Listening Lab: Matt McGlynn

Hear what different mics sound like up close:

  • Hear what different mics sound like up close:
  • ribbon vs dynamic vs condenser
  • fig8 ribbon vs cardioid ribbon
  • The U87 Ai, the most lusted-for and yet least interesting mic in history (IMNSHO)
  • singers can test-drive a handful of mics on their voice. We can record a live vocal demo and go through the process of critical listening to pick the best mic from among the available choices.

Intro to DIY Building: Chris Kindaid

This will be an opportunity for anyone just getting into DIY and soldering to successfully build something easy like our ABW low pass filter kit or maybe a simple battery powered synth kit. ($20 materials fee)

Production Workshop, Where to take that song: Ronan Chris Murphy

This workshops explores the process of finding direction in the production process that fits the music and the needs of the artists.