DIY Playhouse

Since the very first retreat seven years ago, DIY gear building has been one of the most popular parts of our retreat. Many attendees that had never used a soldering iron before were building their own microphones by the end of the week. One year the 11 year old daughter of a mentor built a mic pre-amp!!

This year we are dedicating a whole building to our DIY program, and we are converting the children’s playhouse at Capon Springs into the DIY playhouse. Use our soldering Iron or bring your own. Peterson Goodwyn of DIYRE will introduce absolute beginners to the world of DIY and help more advanced participants through more complex builds.

Featured DIY projects this year will be the L2A Passive Reamplifier kit for beginners and the G Buss SSL style compressor for advanced participants. Please note that there are additional materials fees for these projects.

The DIY Playhouse at the Song & Sound Retreat is a great place to learn to build gear, as well as a gathering place for DIY enthusiasts that want to escape to a beautiful mountain resort and spend some time working on projects in a supportive community of other builders, where they can learn and share ideas with pros and peers alike.

The cost of DIYRE kits is not included in the Retreat price. After you have registered, if you are interested in learning more about DIY builds, let us know then DIYRE will coordinate with you to reserve and pay for your kit(s).