Learn to build recording gear at Mountain Recording Retreat. No experience needed

Build your own recording gear at Mountain Recording Retreat May 7-12. No experience necessary.

When I planned the first Mountain Recording Retreat, I had an idea to create some hands on DIY gear building workshops, so I asked Peterson Goodwyn if he would be willing to come by and teach people how to solder and build their own gear. I was not sure it would be that popular, but I felt it was an important thing to make available to our attendees. To my happy surprise it turned out to be one of the most popular parts of the retreat. People went crazy for it. People that had never used a soldering iron were building their own mic pre amps by the end of the week. Many of those people started building more DIY equipment after the retreat.

I am very happy to announce that Peterson has agreed to join us at this years retreat and we are even expanding the opportunities for students.

This year we will be offering several opportunities for DIY gear building throughout the week.

1) Intro do DIY / soldering. Peterson will explain DIY gear building concepts, teach you how to use a soldering iron and walk you though building your first piece of gear, a SAFE Audio Interface Protector Kit. No experience necessary.

2) Build your own 500 series passive EQ (completion of the intro class will give you enough knowledge to build this EQ)

3) Build your own ribbon microphone.

4) Free build time. If you would rather geek out with a soldering iron instead of playing golf or lounging in a hammock, Peterson will offer hands on mentoring and guidance while you build any item from the DIY-RE shop.

Please note, the Intro class is free with your Mountain Recording Retreat registration, but there are materials fees for the other workshops. See the workshops page for more details.


Mountain Recording Retreat is

Some of the Biggest Names in Video Game Audio at Mountain Recording Retreat

Some of the most exciting things happening in audio today are happening in the world of video games and this year the Mountain Recording Retreat has something really rare and special special: We have John Rodd and Mark Kilborn, a couple of the biggest names in video game audio teaching and mentoring. Not only will you get to to see them teach workshops and participate in a panel discussion, but the intimate setting of the retreat provides lots of opportunity for face to face time with the experts.

Behind the Scenes of Video Game Audio Panel.
call of duty_Some of the most amazing pioneering work in audio is happening in video games. This is a rare chance to get insight into how music and audio are handled in some of the worlds biggest video game franchises. Ronan Chris Murphy (Mafia III, Assassins Creed Brotherhood) will host a panel discussion with audio director and sound designer Mark Kilborn (Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, Forza Motorsport) and music recording and mixing engineer John Rodd (World of Warcraft, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Mass Effect 3, Star Wars Kinect, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Avatar: The Game, Socom 3).

John and Mark will share some of the techniques and unique challenges in working with audio and music for video games. Get insight into the process and workflow of video games and how working on video game audio is different than the world of making records.
assassins-brotherhoodIn addition to the panel, John Rodd, who worked on hundreds of films and TV shows as the staff Scoring Recordist at the 20th Century Fox scoring stage before going freelance, will also give a talk sharing insights into the world of recording and mixing music for feature films to the wolds biggest video game franchises.

Mark Kilborn will be also be presenting a workshop on unlocking the power of synthesis for sound design and music production.

To learn more about the Mountain Recording Retreat browse around the web site. If you want to know what people thought of last year’s retreat, check out this video.


$350 Discount Sale for the Mountain Recording Retreat

We are about 5 weeks away from the Recording Boot Camp’s Mountain Recording Retreat at Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia (just 90 minutes from Washington Dulles Airport). It is going to be an amazing event. A 5 day all-inclusive experience with recording workshops, classes, mix critiques, DIY workshops, lodging, great all you can eat meals and more.

This is our first year and I was really excited that we actually hit our enrollment goals with pre-sales several months ago. But, a huge part of this experience will be getting a chance to spend time with and make friends with other people that love recording as much as you do. The more the merrier. So I decided to do a big $350 off sale for the next 10 days to make it easier for people to attend (as well as additional discounts for people traveling from outside North America).

  • Private Room with private bath –  $1597 (only $1247 if you sign up before April 21)
  • Private Room with shared bath – $1517 (only $1167 if you sign up before April 21)
  • Non-participating spouse/family member – $575

We also have additional big discounts for those traveling from outside of North America. Contact us for details.

Laying the groundwork for a great event.

While not fully up and running yet, we are working out the logistics for an amazing one of a kind event. A gathering of music and recording lovers in the mountains of West Virginia. More details will be added over the next few weeks and months. Keep checking back.

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